Yamaha XLT800 WaveRunner 2003 Owner’s/operator’s Manual

If you are like me you are ready to get on the water and cut it up. Make sure you perform the pre-maintenace routines. I start with the batteries. Before winter they are removed from the skis to protect them from the winter cold. I usually have some battery acid left over from the original purchase, so I use this to top off the levels. Then give each battery a long slow charge. When installing the batteries in the skis I make sure the terminals and cable ends are cleaned with a wire brush.


To avoid unnecessary trips to the service center, it might be useful to have a checklist which can be run through systematically, in the hope of pinpointing the problem quickly. The boat can be divided into three categories – jet unit, engine, and hull. If something is “wrong” with the boat it is usually poor acceleration and load carrying, coupled with excessive fuel consumption or engine RPM’s.

Yamaha Waverunner xl runs great in and out of water but wont go Where do you check engine oil on a 91 yamaha wave runner I have trying to hook .

Order yours today and get hooked up. Note; Not intended for use with Turbo or Supercharged engine builds. Entry level programs will allow the enjoyment of a raised RPM limit settings, advanced ignition timing, and re-calibrated fuel maps. The Ignition timing in each reprogram is developed to maximize performance with specific engine power enhancement kits matched to specific fuel octane levels. There are several versatile performance levels to choose from that work with as a stand alone product, in kit form, or various bolt on parts.

Programs offered are recreational performance tuned with safe AFR values, and can be further custom tuned Richened to accommodate increased or custom performance levels. Custom program files can also be performed to accommodate just about any combination of performance level or type of fuel being used. Take your ECU to the next level of performance and send it in for reprogramming today and have it back for the weekend.

Normal turnaround time is days. The fuel maps are tuned to offer a cleaner than stock leaner idle , clean and green cruise areas which will keep fuel consumption either the same or better than stock in the cruising ranges, and an overall improvement to top speed or wide open throttle ranges.

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Page 31 1 Fuel tank filler cap 7 Reverse gate 2 Rope holes Controls direction of jet thrust when in reverse. Use to drain water in the bilge when the water- 4 Speed sensor craft is on dry land. Page 32 1 Engine stop switch 9 Engine shut-off cord lanyard Push to stop the engine normally.

Oct 26,  · Re: Waverunner hose adapter The 97 GP uses the quick disconnect plug, under the small seat. (Remove the small seat and its on the port side right next to the bigger seats latch) As long as you start the ski first, THEN turn on the water, you can run it for as long as you like.

Disconnect the battery cables. Remove the oil filter. Remove the 4 bolts and lift off the deck beam if equipped. Tag and disconnect the throttle cable and fuel line as detailed in the Fuel System section. Loosen the clamp attaching the forward exhaust tube to the adaptor at the rear of the 3 exhaust pipe. On VX models, remove the air filter case as detailed in the Fuel System section. Tag and disconnect the water inlet and outlet hoses at their connections on the engine.

Do the same with each of the water pilot outlet hoses. Disconnect the grease hose at the fitting near the thermostat. Position it out of the way.

Yamaha jet ski water hook up

Unfortunately, most people do not understand the harmful effects of saltwater on their motors and fiberglass bodies, and thus simply take the PWC out of the water, dry it off, and call it a day. Following are the proper steps to maintain your PWC. Expect it to take approximately 45 minutes. Steps 1 Wash off its exterior thoroughly with fresh water as soon as possible, after safely removing the PWC from the water, Use some car wash and a wash mitt if you have time, but be absolutely certain that no salt water remains on the PWC.

Spend extra time washing out the “business end” of the PWC – the jet nozzle, the reverse gate, the impeller, the ride plate.

Flush Hose Swivel Fitting Yamaha Waverunner Jet Ski Boat Engine Water Flusher. Brand New. $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. yamaha VX deluxe 07 08 garden hose hook up fitting cooling flush pwc. Pre-Owned. $ Buy It Now. Yamaha Flush Hose Kit GP GP R R R GPR See more like this.

But its always posted for info, so here goes. Now add a fuel stabilizer, I suggest the Yamaha brand, add it at gas station, now drive home, this will help “slosh it” around and mix it on the short drive home. Shut off water and blow out excess water for 10 seconds with a couple half throttle hits. Try and do this with the nose up slightly if possible.

I think it’s best done now but it’s a personal choice really, but the engine is warm and the oil mixed around so just change it now if possible. This is also a good chance for you to look over the ski well, look for damaged hoses, check to be sure clamps are tight, look for wear items, brackets, and things that may be damaged, loose or worn Give a good wipe down with a silicone lubricant on your front engine hatch rubber seal and on your rubber seal on the bottom of the seat also As long as you give an hour or two break between each blow out to avoid over heating engine.

An hour or so later do another final blow out, on the final blow out you should raise the front of your ski as high as you can when clearing water from the engine, this helps get it all out. Remember to not run engine for longer than seconds each time. I don’t use or suggest anti freeze on four strokes properly winterized.

It’s not required, when you properly do everything else above including the blow outs of water, which you MUST do.

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Running a Yamaha 4-stroke out of the water I installed a waterpump in a ’05 F70 a while back. I cranked it up on the muffs. Now understand that I have “Plenty” of water preasure at my hous and normally run “Both” of my Df Suzzy’s at the same time on a custom Y hose and muffs on both motors. I also run my ’98 C Yamaha on the muffs all the time. Back to the F

Jul 24,  · Good morning, I have a Yamaha Waverunner I hooked the hose up, turned the water on before starting. I left the hose running for 10 minutes, came back to the machine pulled the #2 sparkplug out and noticed the #2 cylinder was filling full of water.4/5.

I bought a boat off a gentleman down South of me. Boat was in his driveway and I saw it run on ears. Engine ran great and boat looked in great condition. I was told it was garage kept and was bought new in Due to this individual being on call we were not able to go water test it. THAT is the part that I screwed up. So bank mailed a check and by the time I got a tracking number that beyach was delivered to the sellers bank.

I wanted them to hold the check until water test was done. Well they cashed that sucker and closed out his loan. So two days later I went down and picked up the boat. Got the boat home and put it in the garage here at the house.


I just pulled it out and cleaned it all up. Now I just wanted to see if I could get it running before taking it to the lake. I know on the newer models, there is a place to hookup a water hose to the waverunner. Now when the PWC is in the water, that flush kit will leak like crazy unless you hook up the supplied cap to it, or hook it up to the washer plug that you.

Always hook up a 95′ yamaha waverunner and flush hose first, cc. Is this where i am trying to flow backward. Yamaha waverunner and under the hose connection down with the bow of the water – atlantis flush kit hose with water hose.

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