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Customer Reviews 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. Overall it is a good unit, specially for the price. By Strobble The only thing I disliked about this receiver is the connection for center and surround channels have push in connectors that are too small for the heavy duty speaker wire I bought some years ago. The wire just won’t go in without removal of some strands. Everything else on the unit is good, especially the DSP. This allowed me to set up my sub-woofer perfectly 3 of 4 people found the following review helpful. Does everything I wanted, and sounds great!

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Audio quality is supposed to be top notch and features like AirPlay or integrated support for music streaming services are all there. For half the price the Yamaha RX-V is a solid alternative minus a couple of video inputs and a more modest feature set. Lastly, for speakers, anything by Paradigm , like the Shift series soundbar for a small footprint installation. With all that you have the workings for an awesome home theater experience; just hook up your preferred entertainment device — a next-gen console, streaming box, or PC — and you are good to go.

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Looking for a wireless/bluetooth speaker to use on deck of home about 60′ from Yamaha RX-V stereo receiver.

This is the best home theater receiver from Yamaha due to its strong orientation for delivering matchlessly high sound clarity. The machine uses a discrete amp configuration plus a low jitter PLL circuit, which both promote exceptional audio performance from the receiver. This means you can listen to every beat, note and rest in your favorite music compositions, songs and instrumentals. Blu-ray movie sound becomes more enhanced and powerfully cinematic when you enjoy them with the Yamaha RX-V Obtain next-generation images with incredibly super high resolution via this home theater receiver.

This means no additional optical cable is required to hear TV sound. The receiver is also engineered to handle 3D signal data so you can enjoy 3D movies fully. CEC functionality also delivers advanced integration with other components. Conveniently mounted on the front panel is a USB port for iPod and iPhone, which enables you to connect your mobile device and also allows charging for the integrated portable gadget.

No signal loss or interference is experienced due to direct transmission of signal to the receiver from the mobile device, ensuring great sound quality. You can even use the remote of the receiver to control the music playback function of the connected device.

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Bhim Hi all, I just joined the forum after stumbling across it while trying to find more info on Fluance and a receiver that will go well with it. So thanks to the many people who have posted on Fluance speaker topics. I have an old Panasonic box theater setup from about 15 yrs ago in my main livingroom which is slowly being upgraded. I replaced the front speakers with Klipsch towers and the panasonic receiver with a Denon several years ago.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha YBA Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver for Yamaha AV Products at Read honest and .

Yamaha receiver shuts off check sp wires Yamaha receiver shuts off check sp wires This can be an internal problem or it could be a problem with the speakers or the wire connecting them to the receiver. Presenting untested power available today online. It does this especially on low frequencies and is very annoying. It just quit about 4 months ago and I haven’t really adressed the issue since the pull start works fine.

The receiver automatically shuts down because it may be sensing a short somewhere. So to double check the issue I brought it home to hooked it up to my A AV Receiver and it played to moderate volume and then receiver shut off again. This circuit will automatically shut off the receiver if it detects a threat to the main circuit, like overheating or a power surge. Home stereo and general audio discussion forums. I go to turn it back on it shuts off again instantly.

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My intent was to replace my Harmon Kardon AV that has never been easy to use. I kept my Bose speakers and subwoofer so that was a plug and play. Here is the problem. The TV works as expected when the receiver is off. I ran through the speaker set up and have successfully “pinged” my speakers p24 user guide by playing back a test tone. Any suggestions would be great

I have a Yamaha dual zone receiver that has built in Bluetooth that allows me to control it through the Yamaha app on the iPhone. I have a Polk ceiling speaker set in my living room.

I’m not sure if this difference can be heard from ear Probably not. In electronic terms you have to double the watts to get a 3db increase which is almost undetectable. I played a gig in a quite large venue last night with a 15 watt amp and it was going through the PA but I was never near to maxing it out and that is because it has a highly efficient 12″ speaker. This leads to the second thing which is quite the opposite of what somebody is telling you.

My view is that look at the speakers first but not in terms of spending. I have floor standers in front but really do not need them I would go for better speakers than those little Tannoys you linked to. At a little over the budget you are talking about I would go for decently built and designed bookshelf type speakers all round as a minimum, but that is me. Another option is to get a sub with LCR and then add the rears later but you kind of lose out on walking into a store with cash and getting a deal and the full speaker experience right away.

Have a look through these forum as there are plenty of threads. Speaker technology has not changed in many years neither have AVRs much but the features change with models so for the AVR just check it has the right features you want such as LAN connectivity etc.

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Some lines will be completely revamped; some will just see incremental updates. Regardless, if you’ve been sitting on a fat wad of cash or maybe waiting for your tax return to come in , now is the time to make your short list of possible receiver candidates. The RX-V line of receivers has long been the backbone of Yamaha’s offerings. But it is still a very strong line with a ton of features and more than enough power for most home theaters. This year, the RX-V line jumps from ’73 to ’75 in their model numbers.

After buying a 65″ LG 4k TV & finding out the picture is great but speakers r crap & then buying a sound bar to improve audio on just everyday cable tv & still audio is crap, took the plunge to buy this Yamaha amp & paired with Yamaha NS-SPBL CH HTSS, now the audio on tv shows & movies is so much better & understandable.

In the end, I brought in five models for testing. After 20 hours of tests, our pick is the Yamaha RX-V This is what most people will require from a receiver. More on those later. It also does all this at a much better price than the others as of the time this article was written. For those that want more, including built-in streaming from online sources or direct streaming from your tablet or smartphone, our step-up pick is the Sony STR-DN It adds all the streaming features we are after, two more channels of amplification for 7.

Samsung TV, Yamaha receiver

There is alot to learn. It is replacing a 12 year Sony DA Too bad but there is no paper copy, only a soft copy of the manual on the CD. But the manual is really good with ample photos and helps. Overall the sound is great. Listening to Dark Side of the Moon in 7 ch “stereo” was awesome, with sounds all around you.

At the moment, I have very few things connected to my receiver but I’m having trouble getting the HDMI control to cooperate between the two. Signal flow through the is shown on page I also have AV out from the receiver to component in on the TV it converts composite signal automatically. Audio and picture were working great and I was mostly happy except that I couldn’t seem to get Audio Return working correctly if I wanted to use the apps on the TV.

In the process of trying to get it working, the other settings were messed up and I haven’t been able to get it working again. Currently, the TV doesn’t respond to any input switching on the receiver at all. I’ve completely disabled the feature on both units for the time being so that I can at least manually select inputs on both devices.

I’ve studied the manuals on both units but I’m not understanding how to get things properly set up. I don’t understand HDMI control very well and it seems as though there are other factors in play when it comes to getting these two to play well together that aren’t documented in either manual possibly the order the units are powered on or similar issues. Does anyone have any pointers about how to get the HDMI control working properly?

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No wireless or network audio features The Verdict The Yamaha RX-V is an accessibly priced entry-level receiver with most of the essential features and mercifully dark-toned voicing. If you think surround sound is just for the well-to-do, think again. The Top Picks page on this site is loaded with compact 5. Cheap Blu-ray players abound, these days.

If you want a high-performing receiver, Aventage would be an excellent place to look. So the question on my mind was:

It employs a discrete amp configuration and a low jitter PLL circuit, which contribute to its excellent audio performance. While not yet available, 4K displays and sources are sure to become popular in the future. This receiver is capable of passing the 4K data from the source to the display for image clarity far beyond present standards. CEC also provides advanced functionality with other components.

For example, you can use the receiver’s remote unit to control player functions like skip and stop. It’s like having a professional installer calibrate your system. This will result in a cleaner, more focused sound stage while providing a seamless frequency response. When subwoofer frequency overlap occurs in conventional systems, the overall sound is “pushed” toward the subwoofer. Subwoofer Trim Control takes care of this by separating the low subwoofer frequencies cleanly, thus stabilizing the front stage while providing a well-balanced enhanced bass sound.

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Sorry for being a lazy git. I have the RX-V which I just updated with the latest firmware. With that setup, the TV and cable remote can change the volume with no problem. When I press it again to turn everything on, only the TV turns on.

I did not want wifi on my HT reciever – got Laptop and Roku for that. I did not want 7. And lastly I am somewhat frugal and do not always need the next new thing. I am running Definitive Technology ProCinema HT speakers yes, they are indeed over 15 years old and still awesome. The one bummer about this yamaha receiver is they only have banana plug inputs for the front main speakers.

The others are cheap push connecters that do not work well if you are running thicker than 18 gauge speaker wire – I was not a happy camper removing banana plugs, cutting, striping wires, and figuring out the best way to get a good connection. Twenty minutes later I had it setup and ran the auto setup for the speakers. The first thing I did was put on a familiar movie Oppo Blu-ray to gauge the results.

I played with the pre-programmed sound options and the sound coming out is more present, more dynamic, more wow I then put on a CD – this is where I found a huge difference. That is no more – now CD’s sound great. I played with the pre-programmed sound options some more

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