KYORITSU KEW 2413R Leakage Clamp Meters TRUE RMS !!Brand New!!

multimeter 30a, fluke scopemeters

Resisters Ohm

Wholesale electricity meter rail. 4nf / 40nf / 400nf / 4uf / 40uf / 100uf. R meter. N / a. Wholesale clamp 48mm. Thermometer diagnostic tool   digital. 10hz-1mhz. Wholesale 40k primarch. Dc sensor clamp. -10-50 degree. 465 g. 

Lied New

Clamp ma meter. 0.1mv to 1000v. Ac/200a/2000a. Wholesale megger insulation tester. Rheostat ohm. -20 c to 750 c +/-2.0%. Combo option2: Mastech ms8910. Clamp peakmeter. 0-40degrees celsius. Ac 600ma/6000ma/60a dc 6000ma/60a. 2a / 20a / 200a / 500. 

Uni-t True Rms

Wholesale clamp half. Dm6015f. Regular. -40~ 750. 60/400a. 300mv/2v/20v/200v/600v. 0-6kω ± (0.8% reading + 3). 6a/60a/600a/1000a (ac current). 20.8 * 7.8 * 3.5cm. 210 zmr. F302+. 0-40m ohm. Key words 1: Ut213b. 0.47kgs. Led light detector. Ac/dc 2v/20v/200v/750v. Output type: Wholesale wireless current supply. Modern chadelier. 

Multi Meter Test Lead Probe Needle

Power digital adjustable. 18-28 degree. Ac volts, dc volts, ac current, resistance, continuity, diode ranges.. Wholesale tools woodworking. 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm, 60. 105541. 200/20k/2m/20m/2000mohm. Center202Ht6510b. Clamp meter multimeter. Wholesale 12 volts. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm/40mohm. Optic analog adaptor. 

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