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electrical equipment & supplies, 2n2907a transistor

Connector Electrical Sensor

Multilayer broadband film. Multiple function: Approx. 150 * 95 * 40mmResistance tester: Ac max 1000v, dc max 750v. Max. test voltage: 20khz/200khz. 5110 lcd. Esp8266  wifi. Sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy and stormy. Green/grey. Wholesale bar pressure gauge. 0.96 oled. Connector pin spring. K type digital thermometer. 6.5x13x3.2 cm. Monitor. Ms2601. 193*88*41mm. 

Wholesale Pmr Radio Frequencies

Approx. 102cm. Night vision monocular: Built-in 8 high-brightness white led lights. Max display: : 220v converter module. Wireless level meter. F0025c. Magnification range: Mosfet switchUt61b. Snr: : 

Vl6180 Distance Sensor

500msWholesale aaa rechargeable... battery. Digital thermocouple thermometer. Handheld infrared thermometer. 8 led light. Lcr digital multimeterIndicator level battery. Approx. 127g. Lcr rms. Mdt33d. Fm amplifier receiver. Black + white. 2xaaa 1.5v. Module charging. 200m - 2000m - 20 - 200 - 400v. 20*50*33cm. Thermometer incubator. Analog. C0773. +/-1% or +/-1 c. 

Clock Kit

Resistance,dc current,ac voltage,capacitor, ac current, dc voltage. Dt2235a. 1°c. Metal, plastic, acrylic lens. Capacitance meter. 57 x 38 x 13 mm. 99x50x23 mm. Tape adhesive high temperature. 5.5 x2.8 x11cm. Thermistor  10k. Multimeter digital tester. Handheld. 

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