XH B310 DC 12V industrial digital display thermometer temperature meter K type thermocouple 30 ~ 800 degree 40%off

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Cameras Thermal

4x-100x. 9a30273. Wp668. 12:1(only gm270  8:1). 2.0 mega pixels1.8". Digital food thermometer. Wholesale 6v relay. Auto charger. Humidity and temperature. Supereyes microscope: Up to 120 feet. 200m/2v-/+0.5%,20/200/600v-/+0.8%. Key arduino. Normally closed. 12.4 * 7 * 2.4 cm/. Total south. Universal. 55350. Repeat accuracy: 

Dc High Voltage

Adaptor 24v. 10x:600 working voltage(vp-p). Probes for testers. 60x-100x. -50 ~ 110°. Freezer thermometer. 24v power supply. Converter pro miniBoard test. P3002. On/off selection. Lux photo. In line splitter. 

Decal. Vinyl

Digital zoom: Amperemeter 200ua. Asadores de carne. Thermos for water hot. Humidity controller. Display clamp meter multimeter. Built-inBuzzer: 18650 bms. Deburring tools. Silicone test lead cable. Laser controller awc608. Vktech. Gj0158-00b. 1 x 9v battery (not included). 8a for 120/250vac (resistance load). P5003. 

Electronic Cigarrate

Ac 80 ~ 260v. Wholesale penis. cup. Switch control humidity. 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm/60mohm. 12 * 7 * 2cm. Diagnostic-tool for multimeter. 190x95x35mm. 200u-200m-10a. Dc1.5v aaa. Carry clamp. Wholesale electric test probe. Keyword 5: 

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